   (Bun ya Fenhl)

I’m now on Diaspora alpha: https://joindiaspora.com/u/fenhl — let’s see how this turns out

This is my calendar, in read-only iCalendar format. Go ahead and stalk me.

ObCl: Sol is the Wanya word for “day”. It is also used to mean “calendar”, or “time”, since the day is the only unit of time used in Wanya.

EDIT: I have updated the link above to my new Google calendar, which is now also available in XML format or as a HTML web page.

This is where I link to my Minecraft-related stuff. I have a texture pack, and a minigame server (which is currently only online for weekly events).

Warum sind Pinguine nciht grün und warum hörst du mcih nichmehr?

Pinguine sind grün, sie wollen aber nur mit Schwarzweißkameras fotografiert werden.

image MensaWiki ist, so steht es auf der Hauptseite, eine Wiki für alles.

Update: Die MensaWiki heißt jetzt GefolgeWiki.

Why do you call yourself Fenhl? (:

tl;dr: it’s just a random string of letters.

Each year, some members of Mensa Germany host three week-long camps for Mensa Juniors and other interested teenagers: one Easter Camp and two Summer Camps. At the Easter Camp 2008 I was in a project about language philosophy, and one of the things we did in that project was invent a language, along with a country and culture. The exonym for all three is Wyu.

So that language philosophy project is how I got into conlanging in the first place. About a year after the Easter Camp 2008 I started collecting what was left of the documentation on Wyu, and further developed the country and culture, along with a daughter language with the exonym Batu. Batu is also the name of a large island to the west of Wyu Island, and a town on the north-west coast of Batu is called Fenu Hel, “city of peasants” in Wyu (from fe “farm”, fen “farmer, peasant”, fenu “of a peasant, of peasants” and hel “city”), or Fenhl in Batu. So there, now you know what Fenhl means.

As for why I call myself that, I’ll have to explain the Wyu/Batu naming conventions first. While the most common formula in western cultures is “PersonalName FamilyName” or “PersonalName PersonalName FamilyName”, in the Wyu and Batu cultures it is “PlaceOfBirth-PersonalName”. So for example, the game designer who lives in the capital of Batu, but was born in Fenhl and given the personal name Tanbusraz by his parents and godfather is addressed as Fenhl-Tanbusraz in a formal setting, Tanbusraz in informal settings, or Tan by close friends and family. So as you can see, his name is never shortened to Fenhl. Of course, that didn’t stop real people from shortening that name to Fenhl when I chose it as a nickname on CBB and #conlang. The name stuck.

As for why I chose the name of that particular fictional person as my nickname and not some other random inhabitant of Batu, you see, the conworld is more than just a bunch of islands in the Indian Ocean. It is an alternate universe where some people have a psychic link to another person, their corres (from French “correspondant”). In the conworld, I am not a conlanger but a translator and game designer, and sure enough, my corres is Tan.

I am moving my website to a blog system. Tumblr looks cool and lets you do all sorts of fancy stuff such as setting up a custom URL for my blog, and even edit the blog’s layout (if you look at the right sidebar I put a few extra links in there).

My website isn’t about anything specific, I just throw all sorts of stuff on here, from Minecraft texture packs over Werewolf signup forms to is-my-laptop-offline pages.

So why Bun ya Fenhl? And what does it mean?
I am a conlanger and this phrase is Wanya for Word of Fenhl, with Fenhl being the name I use around the web (and occasionally in real life). The phrase was inspired by Notch's tumblr, Word of Notch.